Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montana and Hume Here I Come!!!

On Friday my family and I are going on a road trip with my family and our friends the Mintons. We are going to be on the road for about FIVE days!! But I don't mind since I will be spending it with my best friend Darby. On the road we are going to be traveling through Park City, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park. While we are there we are going to be horseback riding, river rafting, going on a red bus tour, seeing Glacier National Park, going on a boat ride, and lots more. When we go to Hume lake and going to be having a blast by learning about God with my closest friends. At Hume I will be playing some really cool games like relay races, swimming, watching people doing belly flops, and lots more that I don't even know. When I get back, I will share pictures and all of the trips details.
See you soon Ahma and Ahpa and the rest of you who are reading this.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Afternoon at the Beach

On Sunday my family and some of our friends went to the beach to have a campfire and to hang out. First we went to Huntington Beach but it was so crowded that you couldn't even go down to set up a spot to cook food so then we went to Bolsa Chica and it was perfect. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and some delicious smores. We swam found some seashells and had some more friendships. That night I got to see God's beautiful creation the ocean and the sunset. I think that was my favorite part. :) I had a blast and was glad I went!

Ryan and I hanging out

God's beautiful sunset!

Susanne, Mom, and me just having fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Strange Beach Tournament

On Saturday, I experienced a very strange thing. We(meaning me and my family) arrived at Doheny Beach in Dana Point, and we went to go sign up for the tournament. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the 14 and under tournament was filled. We were second on the waiting list. One team didn't arrive, so we weren't allowed to play. Then my mom and my partner's mom came up with the idea to let us play with the boys teams. We ended up doing it. We did it to have experience. We played really good but we lost all of our games. I was proud of us because we played up a level up and we played boys. Hopefully next time we will be able to play girls and maybe win our pool. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Junior Olymics

On Thursday June 25th my dad and I flew to Miami, Florida for a volleyball tournament called Junior Olymics. You have to qualify to get there so the top 78 teams in the country make it there and my team did. When we got there it was about 12:00 a.m Florida time. I was wide awake and I was so excited and hiper from being on a plane for a long time. When we started playing I was so confident in my team that we can win the gold and be first in the whole country of 12 teams. The first day we one all of our games so we were doing really well. The second day we lost all of our games but luckely we made it to the top 24 which is awesome. Then the 3rd day which meant the most that if you one you would make it to the top 8. We played good but not good enough to win. So the last day we won 1 out of 2 so we ended up getting 18. But when you think about it 18 is really good out of the whole 12 teams in the country. My journey there was really fun to be with my dad and play what I love volleyball! On our flight back my dad and I flew to Pheniox to watch my older sister Brooke play. It was really fun watching her play and see her make her first jump serve in and it was an ace. This past week in a half has been filled with volleyball and next week my break is over I start watching my moms high school team start. Happy 4th of July!!!!