Saturday, May 29, 2010

Basically A Free Weekend!

This weekend is like one of the only weekends my family has had a free weekend since January. I know amazing! We have always had volleyball tournaments for three different players on three different teams. Its been crazy!

This weekend is going to be a whole bunch of fun. Tonight we are having a couple of family's come over. We are going to have a barbecue and going to watch a movie outside. It should be fun!

Tomorrow we are going to church as a family. (I love going to church) Then we are just going to relax after and have a great day spending time with each other. As you probably know Monday mostly every kid does not have school. But I do! I know it may sound weird but if I want to end school earlier that's what I got to do.

This is what I am doing this weekend and I am so excited!

Thanks for reading! See you soon! :D

VB-girl-4-God 3

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angel Game!

Yesterday I went to the best Angel Game ever! We went because of my friend Kayla and my birthday, which happened to be on MAY 14th! It was so much fun because we had a tailgate party before the game! At the game all of the kids received a free pillow case. (and yes i still consider myself a kid even though i am 13) The game was so much fun being with my sister Brooke playing volleyball before the game, taking pictures with eachother, and just watching the game! My family and I had to leave a little bit early from the game because i had an early morning the next day. But the final score was 12-3! GO ANGELS!

Here are some pictures: