Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Tournament

This past weekend I played in a tournament for volleyball. We played at our home court so that was pretty cool. Nathan and Micol (my youth pastor and his wife)came to watch me play. I was a little disappointed because the game they came to watch I didn't play. :( But I played middle all around in the second and third game. In the thrid game I think I played the best because I made an awesome kill in the middle and served from
19-25. During that serving run I served on a game point and after a time out. (which you never want to miss your serve on those kind of plays) I think over all I played good and I can't wait until my next tournament. :)
VB-girl 4 God

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My C Box

Hey everyone i just wanted to let you know tat i have a c-box!!! If you have any questions or u want to talk to me and it doesn't involve one of my posts....just write on my c-box.
VB-girl 4 God