Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bible Study Lesson.....Sunday 9|26|10

Today, I was at church and we learned about Creation. We read through Genesis chapter 1 and then watched a movie of an artist who tells stories through sand. It was pretty amazing but the main thing that wowed me was how well he told the story. It is amazing on how everything God did was in his image and how we are made perfect in his eyes. I know how many times we read through this chapter but every time I read I seem to find one or two more things I didn't know or didn't realize before. This is what God created on each day.
Day 1-Created the heaven and the Earth, day and night
Day 2-Divided heaven from Earth
Day 3-Created the land, sea and vegetation
Day 4-Created the sun, moon and stars
Day 5-Created creatures, great and small
Day 6-Created mankind
Day 7-the day of rest.