Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Ready For School

I have one more week till I start school and I am so very excited! We made sure we ordered all of my books. Now my mom and i feel much better about everything and ready to start next week. I am also taking to classes on every other Friday. I am taking a writing class and a biblical geography class. I am also very excited to being doing those two classes and having fellowship with other Christians that I don't know. I can make new friends! :) This year while I am home schooled I am looking forward to becoming more like a Christ and spending more time with my parents. :) I hope everyone who reads this would also have a fabulous school year!

See ya soon!

{v-girl 4 God}

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Montana Almost Over! What?

WOW! Montana is so beautiful in the summer! I love it! Here is a little bit about what we have done so far.
This past week my family the Mintons and I have been on our way to Montana and have been to Montana. While we were on the road for five days we stopped in Park City, Utah, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park. While we were in Park City, Utah we got to got zip lining (I was so scared!) but once I went it was awesome! Also we got to go to the Olympic Park. Then when we went to Jackson Hole we got to go on a carriage ride. On the last day before we went to Kalispell we went to Yellowstone National Park it was so beautiful! Then finally we got to Montana on Tuesday. Then we got really busy Wednesday we went on a Red Bus Tour through Glacier National Park. Thursday we went river rafting. Friday we went on a boat tour through Many Glacier, and today we got our pictures taken as a family in the country. As you can tell we have been on the go each day but having fun while doing it. I am so sad that we are half way through our trip. :( But I know that I am having fun through the trip. :)

When I get home I will upload pictures and tell you more about the trip.

See ya later!