Monday, August 4, 2008

Shaver Lake whooooohoo

Shaver Lake was awesome! I had so much fun there. My family and I went with 7 other family's. We went with the Mintons, Darby, Reily, Mrs. and Mr. The Rickards, Leah, Caleb, Micah, Abby, Aaron, Mrs. and Mr. The Rogers, Tammy, Sean, Mrs. and Mr. The Gibbons, Morgan, Matt, Ali, Ben, Mrs. and Mr. The Wises, Jourdan, Mckenna, Heather Kenny, Bryson Scott, Mrs. and Mr. The Strattons, Jessica, Trevor, Nick, Mrs. and Mr. The Haucks, Emily, Stephen, Mrs. and Mr. I had a bunch of fun with all of these people. My favorite thing that I learned on water was knee boarding. I made close relationships with kids I didn't have before like Leah. It was a great time and a great time of fellowship.