Thursday, July 7, 2011

Junior Nationals and Family Vaca!!((:

Well the past two weeks I have been out of the state over on the east coast!! While my little sister was in Phoenix, Arizona for her volleyball tournament, and I was in Atlanta, Georgia for my volleyball tournament! I am super happy with my team and how we finished!! We finished 18th in the country!! So I am not disappointed at all!! This was the end of the year tournament and I am pretty bummed that our season is over but in less than two weeks high school volleyball starts! So that is now what I am looking forward to with having new teammates and playing for my mom! It is going to be sooo much fun!((: oh yea and congrats to Courtney (my little sister who was playing in Phoenix) for getting 6th in the tournament!!(:

Well after the tournament the family traveled down to Orlando to go to Walt Disney World! It was soo much fun! We had an awesome time! We went to two different parks Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom! They were so much fun!! Then we traveled down towards key west and while we were driving we drove through Everglades National Park and we saw some GATORS!!! It was awesome!! After Key West we went to Miami so we could fly back home and on that day we took a plane, train, automobile, and bus!!! It was crazy! Well I had a great time on vacation but happy I am back home!(:

Have a great day!(:


Montana Mama said...

Hi Bug,
We had an AWESOME time in Atlanta with the Buzzerio Clan!
It was a wirl wind of a time, like we never stood still in one spot for very long.
It was so exciting to watch you and the team play. You have made such hugh improvement in your level of play, it was AMAZING.
High school will be a lot of fun for you playing for your Mom and with all the girls that played at Club West.
We will be visiting SoCal in October and hope to see the whole "Clan" and also you play VB.
Our only disappointment was not being able to watch CG play in Pheonix. Maybe you both will play at the Nationals together next year!
Till we see you again, lots of LOVE.
Ahma & Ampa

Joy said...

I've been wondering where you've been, Meghan! Sounds like you had a fun vacation which is great! And finishing 18th in the, that's an accomplishment :-)

Joy said...

Which VBS is your church doing? I guess it's over by now. I just got back from Indianapolis last night and it was the BEST trip ever...I'm about to post about it :-)

Joy said...

Hi! How are you doing? Are you still posting on this blog? I think I read on one of your sisters' blogs that you're going to public school not, so I can understand why you might be really busy. But if you ever have a minute, please stop on by!! :)

~Joy Caroline